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Up dates to the site.


Numerous in the first three months. Mainly on meet the Guys and Girls page.

12.04.2013 new photo's of Mark's Castle Transmitter room from Muriel Cook-Martin on the RAF Mark's Castle page. Also on the same page, information regarding the aeriel system at Mark's Castle.

14.04.2013 added a section of Mu Steele's Service book on the Meet the Guys and Girls page.


More photo's at the bottom of this page.

16.04.2013. A photo of LAC Robert Stalker added to the Guys and Girls of Mark's Castle, having realised that he was photographed a board FDT 217. His own account of FDT 217 puts him at Sennen Cove prior to posting to FDT 217.

25th April 2013 News page HELP WANTED.

RAF TRELANVEAN 7th June 2013

More letters from Cpl Pam Ostler to Norah, relate to their time at another

West Cornwall site RAF Trelanvean on the Lizard. This all assists me with other documents and an original builders site plan. Builders who built Marks Castle also worked on Drytree and Trelanvean. Sadly Bryan passed away recently but at least I know the building history



A chance look at an online family history site has intimated that Norah Leggatt passed away pre 2006. Also an enquiry with the RAF disclosure office has confirmed they hold a full service record for Ursula Norah Leggatt. I can obtain a copy once I have her death certificate, although they only have two in their office it will take around five months to obtain from time of application. This will give a great boost to the project. A trip to the Plymouth Central Library is called for to check the GRO for the death registration.

Many more letters are now in my possession from different people and auctions. The conections are stretched across the uk. Letters from...

RAF Yatesbury

RAF Downderry

RAF Trerew

RAF Gt Bromley

RAF Drytree

RAF Pen Olver

RAF Trelanvean ACW1 (promoted Cpl at Trelanvean) Eva Hobbs writes she is posted from Gt Bromley to Trelanvean and hopes to be able to meet Norah in Helston or Penzance. Further training at Yatesbury.

RAF Cocklaw

RAF Stenigot

RAF Trimmingham

RAF The Tower Edinburgh

RAF Northey Nr Bideford

RAF Rhuddlan North Wales

RAF Bawdsey

RAF Northam Devon

RAF Poling

RAF Mark's Castle, Sennen and Sennen Cove.

FDT 217, Operations Tiger and Overlord

RAF The Tower Southsea Hampshire (Posibly the Tower hotel used as WAAF accommodation or training.)

RAF Gt Bromley

RAF Trelever

RAF Treen

RAF West Beckham. Norah served here as a Sgt late 1944 and 1945. A Station Christmas card located with her signature on it also a VE Day photo with two WAAF Sgts one of whom may be Norah.


Thes letters cover the war years from 1940 through to post war 1948. Subjects covered are wide, personal, friends, training and boyfriends.





I am very pleased to be able to say that I have traced Norah's Nephew and family and that Norah is alive at the grand age of 100 yrs 9months. Her Nephew has sent me a few photographs which I will add to "Meet the Guy's and Girls" page as soon as I obtain their consent.



Welcome to the history of WW2 Radar at Land’s End Cornwall.

History beneath your feet.

Did you or a relative serve at RAF Mark's Castle, RAF Sennen or RAF Carn Brae? or if you have any information on these RADAR Stations, please make contact. I am pleased to say that I am now receiving contacts from ex WAAF's and men. So please record your history of these sites for future generations.

This is an extremely fast growing site having over 1000 visits in the first five weeks. By April 2013 3000 visits recorded.

Thank you to all who have made contact with me and for sharing many contemporary photographs.


Contact thehistoryman@raf-marks-castle-and-raf-sennen.co.uk

Welcome to RAF Mark's Castle, Land's End, Cornwall



A view of the Main Operations Block at RAF Mark's Castle, Land's End, CORNWALL, which housed the transmitter and receiver equipment. Staffed by men and women of the RAF and WAAF. An eight hour shift system operated 24 hrs a day, 7 days aweek. RAF Mark's Castle, Sennen and RAF Carn Brae are part of the same Chain home Radar system. WAAF LACW Ursula Norah Leggat was Stationed here during WW2. Situated at Land's End in Cornwall. The three sites were code named CH17, CHL17A and CHEL K169.


Accommodation was situated in Sennen Cove and some on Mark's Castle it's self for accommodating the defence personnel. Our RADAR sites were equiped with interrogation equipment (Identify Friend or Foe). IFF was first developed during World War II. The term is something of a misnomer, as IFF can positively identify friendly targets but not hostile ones. If an IFF interrogation receives no reply or an invalid reply, the object cannot be identified as friendly but is not positively identified as a foe. Hence fighter intervention.




WW2 RADAR Chain Home CHL 17 & CHEL K169


I sat at a table in the Land’s End complex back in June 2012 waiting for my son James. He was to show me around the complex with a view to our history group laying on a WW2 event in the following August. James had been delayed, being the site first aider and called away to a casualty.


Whilst I was sitting there, Brian, one of the managers came over to chat. It was during this chat, that Brian mentioned to me that a WW2 Radar site had existed some two hundred yards away. Later my wife Debbie, surfing the net spotted letters being auctioned, written to a WAAF LACW Norah Leggatt. I bought the letters…….This project was born!



Seven months later and a great deal of research later, I am sitting here building my first website age 65 yrs. I hope you enjoy my achievement.



Operations Bunker of RAF Mark's Castle, seen from the direction of the Land's End Hotel

RAF Mark's Castle and RAF Sennen have opened up a great chunk of history. It is now known that several hundred sevice people serviced these sites and their personal history and lives are surfacing. Place Mark's Castle at the center of WW2 spiders web and it touches Operation Tiger at Slapton Sands, D-Day, Sir Archiebald McIndoe the pioneering plastic surgeon. RAF Staions all over the UK. How do I know this? Why the letters of Norah Leggatt of course. Had these letters not come to the surface, so much history would have been lost.


The Parish of Sennen


The People of Sennen played such a huge roll in the war years. You may just think it a rather nice area for holidays and a quiet back water. How wrong you would be. Just wait for the expanding story here on this web site. It's a great tribute to these people past and present.






Chain Home RADAR Gantry


Chain Home RADAR, as the name suggests, is the name given to a chain of RADAR around the coast of Great Britain. To search the skys for incoming aircraft. Chain Home Low 17A was the designation for Mark's Castle. It covered the middle range of heights. Chain Home, later sited at Sennen (Skewjack) was equiped to handle higher level targets.


The shoulder flash of the Land's End Detachment,12th Battallion of the Cornwall Home Guard.
















A great many evacuees came to Cornwall and many were to stay on after the war ended.



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